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The first impression counts! Edit your profile and create an inspiring gallery leveraging your favourite Insta pics. Introduce yourself with a crisp description text, share your personal fashion secret, or tell the world how come you know all the hidden shopping hot-spots in your city...

Don't be shy, show your style, and promote yourself! Once your profile is ready, spread the word, and inform your on- and offline friends where to book you.

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Manage your Calendar

Would you like to earn some money? Then set as many availabilities as possible and make sure your calendar stays up-to-date. You will always have the chance to accept or decline an incoming shopping trip request.

Be prepared, you might even receive requests for other time slots which you did not set in your calendar. That means, a Shopper really wants to meet YOU! Try to make it happen and answer quickly, don't let your Shopper wait!

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Create satis-fashion

But don't forget, this is a job and you're the Profashional! Try to find out what your Shopper is looking for and execute with excellence! Go the extra mile - be punctual, kind, attentive and most importantly, be authentic!

Manage your trip tracker, ask your Shopper for his start code when you meet, and enter the code on your device to track the time. After shopping, end your trip on your tracker, trigger the payment and collect your rating.


Femke van Ballekom

Femke van Ballekom


I love my job, I meet interesting people everyday and regularly attend business events. When it comes to my personal styling, making the right first impression is something I am conscious about. Yet, it is not always easy to get inspired every morning. Looking for fresh style inspiration online, I came across I booked a Profashional and made my very first personal shopping experience in Zurich - it was great, you should try it too!