Our Story

With our platform, we pursue the mission to make genuine fashion advice from a stylist available to everyone and to bring more "satis-fashion" into our customer’s lives! Because, an individual style underlines our personality, contributes to our self-confidence and, ultimately, shapes our image!

Yet, we know how time-consuming and frustrating shopping can be, but at the same time, we know how good it feels to make an impactful appearance and to convince at first glance! And that is why we have founded this startup.

myProfashional is the solution for all those who either look for new style inspiration or, who want to save time and benefit from competent company when trying to find the perfect outfit for an important event. We would like to enable everyone to experience what it means to have a personal stylist, even if the budget is limited.

Our Profashionals are authentic and credible style experts who advise independently of any brands or manufacturers. Profashionals know where to hunt bargains in a city, which cuts suit which bodytype, and share during a joint shopping trip valuable insights both in terms of shopping hotspots as well as styling tips.

Profashionals always consider the shopping preferences of their customers and, thanks to careful preparation, make sure that smart purchase decisions are made that will bring the Shopper long lasting joy. With myProfashional, we want to reduce the number of inefficient, overwhelming shopping experiences resulting in impulsive bad-buys, and instead, help our customers to save time, nerves, and money when shopping!

By the way, free from any sales incentives, and in the interest of sustainability, Profashionals also offer home-based help to organize an existing wardrobe and to create new looks that will flatter the wardrobe-owner and present him or her most favourably.

Whether during a joint shopping trip or a classic style consultation, the personal interaction between the customer and his Profashional is important to us. This way, we create inspiring fashion experiences that satisfy a client’s needs immediately as well as (type-)appropriatly, and remain in positive memory!

Your style. Our passion.

Get to know us



I shape the Product.

I am the initiator, the passionate visionary, the creative mind. I am here to transform our idea into a compelling product.



I do the Marketing.

I am the people person, the extroverted networker, the brand builder. I am here to get the message right and right across.



I run the Organization.

I am the maker, the result-oriented manager, the tech guy. I am here to get our startup off the ground and grow the business.



I advice the Team.

I am the senior, the complaisant advocatus diaboli, the one to ensure checks and balances. I am here to take caution that enthusiasm does not flout fundamentals.

Our values

Our startup represents individuality. Cooperating with credible Profashionals, we are committed to providing authentic advice in a respectful manner, proving genuine engagement.

At myProfashional

I care: